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As we begin to conclude the year 2020, it is interesting to see evidence that views towards some potentially controversial industries have changed as people realise their economic importance. This can categorically be said of the casino gaming industry. Attitudes have shifted positively towards this sector as its financial importance for local economies has become clearer.

Earlier this year, the American Gaming Association (AGA) looked into the USA’s attitude towards Casino Gaming in 2020. They concluded that “Americans’ views of the casino gaming industry improved in 2020 as voters increasingly recognize the industry’s economic benefits and commitment to local communities”. Nearly 7 in 10 voters, or around 69%, said that “gaming benefits America’s economy”, whilst 76% believe that “the industry’s tax payments to state and local governments will become even more important in the future due to COVID-related budget shortfalls”.

This comes as October marked the sixth consecutive month of recovery for commercial gaming following April’s historic low-point, no doubt as a result of COVID-19 impacting the country towards the beginning of this year. The AGA reports that gaming revenue rose 6.3% from September to $3.38 billion in October, reaching 93% of the industry’s revenue levels in October 2019.

“Nearly all commercial gaming jurisdictions showed positive signs of an ongoing recovery in October, despite continuing to operate with limited capacity, game availability, and non-gaming amenities”, quotes the AGA. This is a light at the end of the tunnel for many as the gaming industry continues to work to reopen its doors safely to employees and patrons alike.

Graph showing commercial change.

The AGA has published its Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker for October, which features monthly and year-to-date gross gaming revenue (GGR) at a state and national level, broken down by individual gaming verticals. You can read this here:

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