Georgina Lott

Business Development Manager

mkodo Digital Insights For Lotteries Part 2


Digital Insights Paper for Lotteries - Part 2


To offer lottery operators an insight into best practices in UX design when creating digital products, we at mkodo have released Part 2 of our two-part Digital Insights Paper series for regulated lotteries, Retail to Digital Integration Insights for Regulated Lotteries.

The lottery sector’s success around the globe has been built in partnership with an extensive and established retail network that acts as its trusted reseller. While the majority of lottery sales are still taking place in retail outlets, the world is increasingly becoming more digital, driving lotteries to adapt and change in order to stay relevant.

Touching on topics such as improving customer experience, cross-selling opportunities, retailer relationships and the traditional lottery player, the paper also offers practical examples of successful UX designs when bridging the gap between retail and digital entertainment.

With an ever-increasing number of mobile users, it has never been more important for lottery operators to offer customers a frictionless mobile experience to increase trust and loyalty in their brands.

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