Will Whitehead

Commercial Director

What Does the Future Look Like for Lottery?


Article first seen on Gambling Insider 30th June 2022 - Click here to visit the site

Advances of the 21st century have significantly improved how consumers integrate digital elements into their every day lives. In the gaming, betting and lottery sectors, operators make considerable effort to create an easy-to-use and engaging customer experience that rivals other enhancements technology has provided the entertainment industry. And while the Covid-19 outbreak dealt a heavy blow to retail and provided a significant shift in the way we shop, lotteries and retailers alike have recognised the key to success is making the customer experience the top priority.

Integrating digital and retail

The death of retail is not as imminent as was once thought. For lotteries in particular, retailers are still at the core of their ecosystem. Impulse purchases and the footfall of players looking to buy lottery tickets in a retail environment cannot be underestimated. That being said, today’s consumers will shop online or in-person, based on their preference, convenience and maybe even the weather. Integrating a digital strategy is vital to engaging a new generation of players, as well as revitalising the excitement for core and infrequent players.

Convenience for consumers

When we look to the future, the demand for convenience will be imminent and innovative products that provide a better user experience will be at the forefront. For example, checking winning numbers accessed via an app or web app, “Ticket Scanners,” provides players with instant results and can quickly move them to second-chance games if available. This functionality can evolve further into “Mobile Cashing,” allowing players to digitally collect winnings on their device from a ticket purchased at retail. Moreover, if regulation allows for customers to buy a lottery ticket or place a wager on a mobile device outside of retail, a digital offering is an essential tool to give power to a customer to decide when and where they play. This is an excellent example of how retail and digital can work together as the industry, and  consumer behaviours continue to evolve over the next five to 10+years.

Understanding your players through digital

A better user experience also means customisation. Best-in-class design featuring enhanced navigation and an intuitive user interface is expected among all leading apps, and players are looking for convenience based on their interests. One way to do this is to build a digital fingerprint of the player from their activity and usage of the digital platform to retail cross-promotions. All of these small digital touchpoints allow lotteries to better understand the preferences of each specific player and enable them to provide customised promotional campaigns, and push notifications for a player’s favourite games and activities. “Known play” opens a whole new world for retail-only operators who have historically had limited access to information about their player base.

Wherever a lottery is on its digital journey, there are ways to begin integrating digital touchpoints to allow for a more streamlined transition; as they introduce innovative digital products to their players. For example, a first chance digital lottery game offers players a traditional lottery experience that begins and ends at retail. The ticket is purchased at a brick-and-mortar retailer and is scratched to reveal a QR code and URL, which players can scan on a mobile device or enter into a desktop computer to play a digital game. The player must return to retail to redeem the winning ticket, creating a full-circle transaction.

User experience is key

As lotteries develop and launch new products and services, they need to place their players at the centre of the brand experience. This means considering when, where and how customers want to play, and ensuring they have products in place to meet them wherever they are - including, for example, in-lane at grocery stores, in social establishments, and on their phones, making it easy for them to interact with the lottery brand. Traditional brick-and-mortar retail and digital lottery are not competing. Whether players prefer to purchase or play online or offline, it’s all about creating the best customer experience at that moment in that channel. 


Will has been at mkodo for close to 10 years and acts as the Commercial Director, heading up the New Business, Account Management and Marketing departments. Will has developed deep experience of apps and the iGaming industry throughout his years at mkodo. mkodo partners with iGaming operators, operators such as Ontario Lottery Group, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Danske Spil and Mecca Bingo, driving engagement and increasing revenues, by creating best-in-class apps, websites and digital user experiences as well as Geolocation solutions.