Stuart Godfree

Managing Director

How to architect your app for success


Although a slick front-end design and cutting-edge features helps attract customers to your gaming app, long term success will also be based on how the middleware that sits underneath this performs.

Stuart Godfree, MD of mkodo joins Jonathan Plumb (Chief Information Officer, Rank Grou) and James Letchford (Head of Pre-Sales Solutions, Kambi) to talk about what to consider when architecting a mobile app, what should be considered when working in regulated markets and what you can do to help improve the overall performance of your product.

Topics covered will include:

- Key considerations when architecting your mobile app
- Reporting – How to ensure you have a clear oversight when managing multiple datasources/APIs
- Test strategy – Approaches to testing Android and Apple capabilities
- App upgrade strategy – how to manage upgrades effectively
- Performance – Managing traffic during peaks to avoid performance issues
- Service Outages – what to do when there are issues