Fazaleomer Khurshid

iOS Engineer

iOS14 App Clips


Focus on App Clips


App Clips is one of the most exciting additions to iOS 14.

It will dramatically change the way users install iOS apps. No longer will users have to install full apps to perform simple tasks like buying a parking ticket. Android has previously tried this with Instant apps but with little traction. With iOS joining the micro apps revolution things are set to change.

What are App Clips?

App Clips is a feature that allows users to have instant access to specific app features without having to download the entire app. App Clips can be invoked by tapping on NFC tags, scanning a QR code/Apple’s “App Clip Codes”, tapping on Safari’s “Smart App Banners” or a shared link through a text message.

Imagine a day where you no longer need to fill in a lottery ticket with a pencil and paper. Simply take out your phone at the point of sale and enter your numbers from your phone.

App Clips also benefit from Apple Pay and sign in with Apple features further enhancing the purchasing experience.

App Clips represent a huge opportunity for converting retail users to digital as developers can prompt to download the full app. It is also possible to send push notifications to reengage those users for up to 8 hours.

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Design Guidelines

  • Focus on essential features. Interactions should be quick and focused, only show what is necessary and leave complex features for the full app.
  • Design a simple user interface, an App Clip should not have tab bars, complex navigation, or settings. Remove non-essential information and reduce complexity wherever possible.
  • On launch, go straight to the relevant part of the App Clip. Avoid splash screens and any waiting time for the App Clip to launch.
  • Ensure your app is small - the smaller it is, the quicker it will launch.
  • Make your App Clip shareable. This would encourage more people to use your App Clips as it can be shared through messages, for example.
  • Provide a similar experience if users decide to download the full app. Ensure the functionality you presented in your App Clips is similar to what you show in the full app.
  • App Clips should not consist of tasks that require you to download the full app. The App Clip artwork is the first thing the user will see, you should carefully decide what image and text to show for this. Your image should be clear and concise, text should be avoided on the image as it can add excessive information and is not localizable. Title and subtitle should describe the purpose of the App Clip clearly.



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