mkodo Team

5 Learnings from SBC Summit North America 2022


Last week, mkodo once again attended SBC’s North America Summit in New Jersey. Having attended and sponsored SBC Summit North America several times now, it always proves to be a fantastic opportunity to engage with those in the iGaming world in North America and share our experiences creating 5* apps, world-class digital user experience (UX) and insights on the new hot topic of geolocation, along with learning about the up-and-coming trends and key themes across the industry. 

Whilst there this year, we noted some of the key takeaways from various conversations we had, and the fantastic panel talks throughout the 3 days. 

1. iGaming in Ontario 
The iGaming in Ontario panel was particularly insightful as this is such a huge topic for the industry currently. As discussed, the Ontario iGaming market is certainly living up to its expectations from a revenue, customer-numbers, and interest perspective.  
However, it’s early days and many operators are still learning, but the expectation is that the market will continue to grow and prove to be one to watch for all those involved in the industry. 

2. Competition and innovation 
It's no secret that there’s a lot of competition in the world of iGaming, particularly in North America, especially as more states begin to open up. A key takeaway from the SBC Summit was that competition is healthy and is working to push for further innovation from everyone involved in the industry, from operators to suppliers. Customer retention will be key, the operators with the best product, will most likely come out on top 

3. New world of work 
We recently worked through an almost 2-year lockdown, with restrictions on travel, changes to how we work and now we’re facing high rates of inflation and a potential recession. The current global landscape was a definite hot topic throughout the event. Leaders are managing staff/teams and working with partners/clients in a never seen before time. It’s clear to see that those companies that are brave enough and quick enough to adapt, are the ones that survive. 

4. Players expect more 
US iGaming players (and consumers in general) continue to expect more from a user experience perspective. A better UX means personalisation, best-in-class design featuring enhanced navigation and an intuitive user interface is expected among all leading apps, as players are looking for convenience based on their interests. Product innovation in the US (streaming, fan engagement, media engagement) must live up to the level of customisation and excitement that US iGaming fans expect. 

5. User experience is key 
An app should be an augmentation of the betting experience and not the only focus. However, product experience will ultimately define how well a customer stays loyal to a brand, particularly when the focus on market-entry and acquisition tactics calms down. As operators develop and launch new products and services, they need to place their players at the centre of the brand experience. This means considering when, where and how customers want to play, and ensuring they have an omnichannel experience have with products in place to meet customers’ expectations and demand, wherever they are. 


Finally, Will Whitehead, Commerical Director at mkodo said of the Summit; “We’re always interested in seeing what other operators and vendors are doing in North America. A particular focus for us is always learning about operators’ mobile and front-end needs and how we can support their strategies.  

The market in Ontario was naturally a hot topic at the summit and as I discussed as part of the iGaming in Ontario panel with leaders from Bragg, PointsBet, Mohegan Gaming, Dela Sports and the Canadian Gaming Association. It’s an exciting time as the iGaming market in Ontario is continuing to live up to expectations from a revenue, customers and interest perspective.”  


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