Smart Donation



mDonate's Smart Donation is an SMS billing system which offers donors the facility to donate small amounts via mobile, on a regular basis, in an activity-activated transaction - a launch, a re-homing or a rescue, for example. Over time, donors naturally disconnect from charities, but Smart Donations allow them to regularly make small contributions, from as little as 25p, and stay engaged with you, longer

There are so many ways mDonate's Smart Donation can work within your charity, talk to us, and let’s see what we can do together.


User Control

Donors have complete control over their donations and event transactions, and your charity gets regular income from the additional mobile donations prompted by this service.


Repeat Donations

Charities can encourage repeat donations by keeping in touch with donors, via mobile and prompting a donation through a message.


Feel Good Factor

Activity-activated donations allow members to regularly have the feel-good factor by donating when something special has happened.