Delivering advanced geolocation technology to the iGaming sector Geolocation

GeoLocs is a dedicated geolocation Software Development Kit (SDK) for web, iOS and Android platforms across the iGaming industry.

Why iGaming operators choose GeoLocs?

Meet regulatory compliance
Ensure regional gaming licence rules and regulations are met

No companion app
No need for a companion app or additional downloads, enhancing user experience and onboarding for web

Validate player location and device information
Enables iGaming operators to restrict access to data services through location validation of a player's device

Seamless integration
Seamlessly implement SDKs into your web, iOS and Android platforms

Customise allow/disallow areas
Build, check, assign and code-name multiple geo allow and disallow areas & regions.

Location-based marketing
Target players within a specified geo-allow area with promotional offers and various other marketing communications

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